Sippin Glenkinchie

July 27, 2017

While nothing tastes better than a dram of Ardbeg on a cold and wet winter’s day, sometimes you just don’t want a glass full of smoke and wood. So what do you drink? Lowland malts.

Lowlands typically have a floral freshness, a light body and a short finish—in other words, they are the perfect aperitif. They also drink well with ice and soda, or straight and heavily chilled. Well suited to summer in Eugene.

Auchentoshan means “corner of the field” in Gaelic, but no one really cares.
It is one of two triple distilled Scotch whiskies. Most are distilled twice. Due to its sweet delicate nature, it is known as the breakfast whiskey. We have the Auchentoshan Single Malt – American Oak edition. No age given. $36

Glenkinchie – the Kinchie part of the name is a corruption of ‘De Quincy’, the original owner of the land, but no one really cares. We have the Glenkinchie Distillers Edition – Distilled in 2004, bottled in 2016. Tasting notes: On the nose cut hay and malted barley. On the palate, biscuity sweet, digestives and hobnobs. Slight toffee finish.

Yes, I looked it up: Hobnobs are a British biscuit. The second maturation is in casks of Amontillado … follow me, I’ll show you, … just down this hall. $59

For comparison, I’ve pulled some Highlands and a Speyside from the library.

P.S. The Glenkinchie was the highlight of the evening. Almost everyone returned for another taste or two – each time remarking: yes, this is as delicious as I first thought.


Justin Felt says

This was great!


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